Our Live Chat

Today we had the opportunity to participate in a Google Hangout with Laura Dawkins, a phD student from England.  Laura and her partner had previously launched a weather balloon similar to what we are hoping to do.

Prior to our live chat the students brainstormed a variety of questions.  They covered topics from parachutes to problems faced during the launch.  We practiced, Mr. Young set up the technology and we were ready!

This was my first opportunity to do a live chat with one of my classes.  It was interesting to learn about the technology as well as seeing how it all played out.  I’m so impressed that even over so many miles the real time connection had no lag!

During the chat our students had the opportunity to ask all of their questions, and more.  They spoke professionally and thoughtfully about their topics.  Laura was a great resource and we were so grateful for the time she took to speak with us.

We got confirmation of information that we had already planned for (e.g., we need to keep the camera and batteries warm, we need to carefully predict where our payload will land) and we learned new information as well.  Laura recommended that we label our payload and add some contact info in case it lands on someone’s property.  Good information to have in our quest to get George back!

Thanks to Laura and Mr. Young for setting up this chat.  And to the grade sixes for working so hard to prepare.

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